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  • Upload:Jan 19, 2023
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What does it do?

Creating professional videos and motion graphics on your smartphone is possible with the help of Alight Motion. All you need to do is create pieces of motion graphics and short video clips with your phone. The app gives users access to a wide range of tools that can be used to edit their video and photo files. It also features several other helpful features that can be used to create animations, create audio and visual effects, create motion graphics and more. Additionally, the app allows users to create audio and visual effects with ease. With the help of the Mobile Video & Animation Editor, you can easily add visual effects and multimedia editing to your videos and animations. This convenient app allows users to easily draw or capture videos on their mobile devices. They can then edit their videos using awesome visual effects and multimedia tools. Furthermore, this app makes it easy for anyone to create unique edits of their videos simply by drawing into their devices.


Video editing software requires a lot of processing power and hardware to function. Because of this, it's only compatible with computers with high-end hardware. However, mobile devices can still use this app by adding more processing power. Alight Motion requires at least 1.5 GB of RAM— as well as a quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM or more — to function properly on your Android device. Updating the motion tracking app frequently is crucial to staying up to date with its features. Additionally, having at least 1.5 GB of RAM on your Android device helps the app run smoothly.

Awesome features make this car stand out.

This is the full list of game features contained within the box.

Motion graphics and animation enthusiasts need these tools.

Anyone with a creative mind can easily modify their existing animated library with Alight Motion. The app gives users the ability to create motion graphics and animations using bitmap and vector support. It also allows users to easily edit vector graphics on the phone without hassle. Consequently, anyone can create their favorite animations without difficulty. The built-in keyframe animation gives your editor many extra features. Plus, you can choose from preset movements or built-in elements to simplify your work. And since you can choose from multiple settings, it greatly increases the power of your editor.

Add supplementary editing materials from outside sources or borrow from the library.

Cutting down the learning curve and making editing more accessible is the incorporation of online and in-device libraries into Alight Motion. This makes mobile editing easier with a touch of a button. The app's additional features allow you to quickly create GIFs and MP4 videos. These can then be uploaded via standard definition. Both the MP4 and GIF creations can be done on top of the app's other functions.

Videos sporting interesting effects can be created using this script.

The app comes with a complete animation and editing system with multiple visual effects. You can use the amazing gradient fill effects, color collection, and border and shadow options on your animations. This is great for those who’d like to use these features. The app provides you with the ability to generate motion blur naturally based on your velocity. You can use this tool to create animated effects quickly. Additionally, you can use the app to make color adjustments and add visual effects to your work.

Adding multiple video layers to a video editor's project.

Alight Motion's powerful features make it an ideal app for video editing and animating. The app's layering system allows users to view the whole video together and make changes to each individual layer. By grouping layers together, users can easily separate and edit the video in any way they choose. This is made possible due to the app's powerful tools, which are accessed through Alight Motion.

Save your favorite elements with a fast-acting process.

Alight Motion's shortcut system gives Android users the ability to quickly access frequently used tools and effects. This makes the app much easier to navigate and use than it already is. Additionally, anyone can save their favorite tools and elements in the app so they aren't lost when switching projects. After getting used to using the tool, adjusting your videos or making animations with Alight Motion is a breeze.

Everyone can use it without cost.

The Google Play Store has free apps created by Alight Motion that are ideal for animators and graphic designers who want to create motion graphics. These apps can be installed on any mobile device without requiring a payment.

Access our extra mod with no restrictions.

You can easily access all available features in the app by removing ads and in-app purchases. You can also access all features without paying for subscriptions using our modified version of the app. However, if you’re finding the ads and in-app purchases to be quite annoying, you might want to switch to our original version of the app instead. Downloading the Motion Pro Mod app on our website grants you full access to the app for free. And most importantly, there are no limits to the uses of the app you can make.

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Alight Motion Mod Screenshot
Alight Motion Mod Screenshot
Alight Motion Mod Screenshot
Alight Motion Mod Screenshot
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