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  • Version:4.3.5
  • Category:Strategy
  • Developer:Galaxy Play Technology Limited
  • Size:780.94 MB
  • Upload:Jan 19, 2023
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Mod info:
The game endings menu, click the button in the upper left corner to enter, you can set traditional Chinese in the game settings, click the character avatar in the upper left corner to enter the settings
1. Must be killed in one blow
2. God mode
You need to suspend the window authority for the first time, please allow it to be able to play normally
Download The Walking Dead: Survivors — Rebellion of the undead legion for free.

In The Walking Dead: Survivors, you and your team work together to fortify your defenses. Discovered resources such as ammunition, wood & water help you fortify your base. Additionally, food & other rare materials can be used in your defenses. Upgrade your barracks by building wooden structures. From a single hut,Turn it into a unique barracks with many upgrades. Train warriors for hours to deal with the undead invasion. Add new reluctant characters to your story by exploring many tales. Continually untie knots with decisive action. Although the Walkers keep trying to invade and destroy this base, they can only be stopped by standing up and wiping them out with the help of trained warriors. Defend against the power of towers and fortresses by surviving their surges. Additional resources and rewards can be earned by surviving these surges. Work every day to consolidate your progress on The Walking Dead: Survivors. That's how the game works.

Travel to different places around the world.

I explore nearby areas while maintaining the construction of my barracks. This typically coincides with the need for work. Finding buildings, resources and information helps move the story forward. Studying abandoned buildings reveals valuable resources. However, locating these elements will affect the narrative in different ways. Story elements need to be sent to someone else in order to be properly explored. As much information must be conveyed as possible. Additional plot twists can be unlocked by exploring each stage in sequence.

Gives backstory on many veteran characters as a whole.

Many characters from the main series show up in The Walking Dead: Survivors without warning. These include Rick, Glenn, Negan, Michone and any other character you can imagine. They help you build the barracks and provide a lot of helpful information as they do so. People come to these characters with their own unique stories to tell. Plus, there are plenty of other noteworthy details about them. To maintain a strong bond, face-to-face communication is simultaneously completing a job. Performing a game feels like you’ve entered the story with the main characters.

Expand your social circle through increased interaction with people.

When surrounded by Walkers, the only solution is to eliminate the bloodthirsty creatures. However, the danger posed by the murderous Walkers is mitigated by the fact that their teammates betrayed them. This scenario plays out a few times throughout the game. It's difficult to confront massive numbers with just regular troops. Therefore, extra wings must be pulled by corrugated rafts. This is because the need for working together with others is paramount to success. Survival in this dying world requires cooperation and shared resources. It’s necessary to gather in large numbers to have a chance at surviving in the undead world. Many things from the original TV series take place in The Walking Dead: Survivors. These include items, characters and events that are similar to the original series. Plus, a lot of new details, events and elements. For longstanding fans of this cult brand, you should download this game so you don’t waste your time. In the The Walking Dead: Survivors mod, fight the evil undead in barracks that you build. Additionally, look for new stories in the game by playing with your friends.

The plot of this fiction is difficult to tackle.

Survivors of The Walking Dead is a straightforward narrative focused on five characters. Each one faces unexpected challenges that lead them to discover the truth. One survivor, Maya, is a jute gunner with military intelligence. Vayne is a fraud whose past is complicated; he's an aggressive fighter with high willpower. There's also Glenn, Rick and Michon in the game as three additional companions. In the game, humans are endangered by a zombie pandemic during which no survivors remain. They must combat zombie threats and deter them from attacking for the purpose of consumption. In this video game, Rick is the lead character who forces the world's survivors to stand up and fight against their growing zombie population. The characters in this game must try to survive and protect themselves from danger.

The players' grand goal is evident to all.

Before the game starts, you’re given access to a hidden area. Your goal is to protect the hideout and expand into new lands in order to search for any other living individuals. Finding important items during the exploration is crucial as it helps you create new farms for feeding survivors. New lands need an army to defend them from spirits. By exploring these new lands, the player fills their armies with new soldiers who receive treatment for injuries so they can fight again. Then, the player creates military training zones that can withstand any attacks from outside sources. This is a strategic war game in which players build a strong wall with levers and obstacles to defend against outside attacks by zombies. They also have to develop their skills as a military to defeat Negan's gang. Instead, they need to build a tight-knit community as part of a larger fighting force.

With simple but effective gameplay, this game is highly tactical.

Collect wood by chopping down specific cancer trees found near the site. Doing so causes a spicy effect around the area, which players appreciate. Players can also collect wood by harvesting various medicinal plants. Different plants produce different amounts of wood and creation times. The default rewards you receive at the end of each task prompt you to continue. Additional tasks are listed and grouped in the taskbar on the left corner of your screen. Players encounter many different feelings through the horror game The Walking Dead Survivors. Its graphics are highly crisp and its stories are engaging, which lead to many players finding it enjoyable.

The film's character creation process is remarkably similar to the one in the original movie.D movement is smooth and natural. The punches are accompanied by music and sound that ignites emotions. Not to mention the surrounding scenery is extremely beauti

The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod Screenshot
The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod Screenshot
The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod Screenshot
The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod Screenshot
The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod Screenshot
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